Loot Boxes

Loot Boxes

Loot Boxes are located in our lobby and contain many different cosmetic items, from fun lobby gadgets, to cool cosmetics that you can equip server wide. These can be earned on our server, or you can purchase them here!


How to open your Loot Boxes

Using Loot Box keys is simple! Visit our lobby server and look behind you. You should be able to see the loot box area from here. To open one (or multiple with a rank), simply tap the loot box and select the "Open Loot Box" button!


NOTE: Please make sure you have joined our server at least once before purchasing. Each key can only be used once.

25 Loot Boxes 9.99 USD Buy
100 Loot Boxes 29.99 USD Buy
250 Loot Boxes 69.99 USD Buy
500 Loot Boxes 119.99 USD Buy