AvengeTech Store

Hello there! Welcome to the official AvengeTech store! Here, you can purchase a variety of different items! We are a Minecraft server network (bedrock edition), with a wide variety of gamemodes for you to enjoy. As we release more gamemodes, more items will show up in our store.


Items purchased here directly support the server, as we need money to pay bills for various services we use (server hosts, builders, this store, etc...). Every dollar counts! Each item in the shop contains a detailed description, so you know what you're getting!


You may purchase items here through PayPal. That is currently our only supported payment method, but we may add more in the future! (NOTE: You do not need a PayPal account to purchase through PayPal, there is a credit/debit card payment option available.) Don't have a PayPal account or credit/debit card? You can also make purchases using gift cards!

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Opening a chargeback on anything in our store will result in your account being permanently banned on our server. All items in our store are subject to change. No refunds are accepted under any circumstances.